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With your done-for-you smart branding, project management, and strategic solutions, we’ll hold you by the hand and help you get a big slice of the profit pie while steering you clear of catastrophic business-killing decisions

Digital Slushy – A breath of fresh air
Branding and project management solutions that gets you over the line

At Digital Slushy, we are here because we believe entrepreneurs and business owners can benefit from our expertise that proves itself in solving problems like the one you’re facing.
As your full-service branding company and project management agency, we bring a combination of experience, branding best practices, and professionalism to help you meet your needs on-time and on-budget without the risk of any form of melodrama.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for functional marketing strategy, an e commerce business looking to promote your products, or a startup looking for how to create a brand identity? Whether it is business branding ideas, graphic designs, and free branding tips etc you’ll need a partner that stand behind their commitment to help you succeed with guarantees.

At Digital Slushy, we’ve put everything in place to be that kind of partner you need.

We Have A Mission


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Our Services

Grounded on excellence and values

Industry-credible expertise in branding is crucial if you must go far in today’s business climate. So we want you to have the very best – no one-size-fits-all tales, but actionable, customized, and timely solutions that can help you reach more audience, make more sales, and improve performance.


Project Management

Trusted for a result-driven process

What to expect


Initial consultation

To ensure your satisfaction, we listen to your concerns and needs before we begin each project.


Strategic Planning

Because no two projects are alike, we develop a unique strategy for every task we approach.



We put your project into motion and position our expertise to ensure it succeeds.


Regular Update

We give you updates as we work to bring your project to completion.


Delivery, Monitoring and Evaluation

We make sure the product meets your standard. And to guarantee that, we continually monitor, revise and tweak our solutions in line with your core objectives until project completion.

We are not just Branding and Project Management experts

Here is why 1000+ businesses choose us above others

We help businesses save money

Without beating about the bush, your business should make you money, period! Our services are affordable and our solutions are efficient you’ll be blocking off money leakages and improving revenue in just days from working with us.

We do branding and project management only

This means we invest, live and breathe what we do. Our focus thus allows us to thrive.

We are custom-fit solution providers

Our clients vary, but our solutions are built on the needs and concerns of our clients. This in turn helps to drive down cost, save time and improve customer satisfaction.

We are on the side of our clients

Over the years we know what works but none out-performs the ability to see things from the client’s perspective. Whatever your challenges we start-off by developing a thorough understanding of your needs, requirements, and concerns before mobilizing to develop a solution as unique as they are.

We are people. More importantly the bunch you would love to have around

We are friendly, courteous, and helpful in every situation that presents itself. From initial contact to project completion, you’ll be in the company of individuals that consider it a privilege to please you and go the extra mile to see your needs are met.

Only results matters

At Digital Slushy we believe in measurable outcomes- % increase in ROIs, higher conversions, and the likes. With the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction in play and over % 98 retention rates to show for it, Digital slushy has built a reputation as the go-to brand for branding, project management and anything in between.

Make your success happen. And then we fist-bump!

Do you want a captivating brand story?

Do you need to create a brand your audience would love to associate with?

Need help putting it all together so your project would pop and achieve your goals?

You’ve got the questions. Whatever your branding and project management needs, whether it is a minimalistic logo design on fleek or a comprehensive brand strategy built from scratch, at Digital Slushy we have the answers to help your business become successful.

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